MNEmerge Newsletter November 2016

Baltic Rim Economies Special Issue on Corporate Social Responsibility published

bre-5_2016-kansiThe new Baltic Rim Economies Special Issue on Corporate Social Responsibility introduces articles on the responsibility of businesses for their impact on society from various perspectives. The themes covered in this issue include, for instance, the impact of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in promoting sustainable development at a global scale, and the importance of cooperation among different stakeholders in promoting sustainable development and business responsibility. The writers include, among others, Roel Nieuwenkamp, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct, who in his article discusses the significance of responsible business for the Baltic Rim Economies, and Anne Lammila, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s issues and Gender Equality, Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, who in her article discusses the role of women in economic development.

Expert articles:

  • Roel Nieuwenkamp: Responsible business is key for the Baltic Rim Economies
  • Anne Lammila: Women are the biggest emerging market
  • Marja Innanen: The Finnish way to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • Juha Väätänen: How multinational enterprises can contribute to global development challenges – MNEmerge project is searching for the answers
  • Helena Kekki: Sustainable Development Goals – a shopping list of a wealthy customer?
  • Yury E. Blagov: Support for local communities development in the corporate social performance “portfolio”: the case of leading Russian companies
  • Magdalena Popowska: The main developments of the CSR initiatives in Poland
  • Leonardo Bremermann, Mauro Rosa & Valerie Monteiro: Social commitment of the MNEs in the Brazilian electric sector
  • Godfred Frempong: Contributions of multinational enterprises to economic development in Ghana
  • Aashna Mehta, Habib Hasan Farooqui & Sakthivel Selvaraj: How can MNEs contribute towards access to medicine in India?
  • Michael Roe: Corporate Social Responsibility and the governance of international shipping
  • Neil Bellefontaine, Patrick Donner, George Theocharidis & Tafsir Johansson: EU stakeholder participation in the management of abandoned vessels: through the lens of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Adrian Braun: CSR in the European Arctic metal mining sector: dependencies and conflicts
  • Linda Piirto: Mapping stakeholder views on Finnish responsible business conduct
  • Matti Kalervo: Kesko is a pioneering company in responsibility
  • Jenni Neste: Corporate Social Responsibility requires active public engagement
  • Suraksha Gupta: Image of socially responsible organizations
  • Sonja Vartiala: Future of CSR: increasing transparency and strategic cooperation between companies and NGOs
  • Jaana Hirsikangas: Women’s Bank gives women a chance
  • Maria Joutsenvirta: We need a new economic story
  • Mira Tuominen: Changing the role of MNEs in building a better world
  • Hanna Mäkinen: Concluding remarks on the Special Issue on Corporate Social Responsibility

You may download the issue free of charge here.

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